'Our mouths are filled with laughter,
Our tongues with songs of joy'
Ps. 126:2
36" x 48" (3 feet x 4 feet)
'And you opened like a flower in the heat
Your beauty on my eyes like a masterpiece
Never has skin tasted so sweet.

And you said, 'oh, I didn't know that we could go so many kisses deep'
We were face to face and lips to lips and cheek to cheek
And you said, 'oh, I didn't know we could go so many kisses deep'
(A. Cohen)
36"x24" (3feet x 2 feet)

'All you need is love, 
Love is all you need'
42"x 54" (4.5 feet x 3.5 feet)
'There is a light in you
I have fallen into
There is a light in you
I have fallen into, fallen in too 
Stop, listen, feel
Stop, listen, feel
Stop, listen, feel
Believe, believe'
(Great Lake Swimmers)

39"x32" (approx 3feet x 2.5feet)

'These are the days of miracle and wonder'
(P. Simon)

30"x48" (2.5 feet x 4 feet)
'Under the moon, in the great, black night
With no lodestar in sight.

And wait for it, there are only two of us now
This great, black night scooped out (and the fire glow)
The darkness rings, listen
The darkness, the darkness rings
Take off your things and listen
The darkness rings'
(S Harmer)

41"x57" (approx 3.5 x 5 feet)

Curiosity far greater than the fear
It felt so simple, so prodigious at the same time
Incredible things are happening in the world
Magical things are happening in the world' 
(Stereolab) 60"x48"
Ring the bells that still can ring,
Forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in' 
(L. Cohen) 32"x53"
'And you took to me like a gull takes to the wind' 
(Shins) 54"x36"
this piece is sold 

You've got roots, cannot be torn from under
Won't you shake it like you've never done before'
(F. Ford/Be Good Tanyas)
this piece is sold

'She is a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come'

'Living in the Body: Milk and Honey'
Three little birds were on my doorstep
singing sweet songs, a melody pure and true,
this is my message to you...' 
(B. Marley)
'It's a Human Thing (it's a girl?? it's a girl!!) 48"x36"
(Be Good Tanyas)
this piece is sold
'The Delivery' (oh, my baby! oh! my baby!)
this piece is sold


Lisa Taylor said...

These are beautiful works of art! Thanks for sharing them.

Ruth Elder said...

I am literally moved to tears by your amazing artwork. You have captured the miracle, the agony and extasy so to speak.

Anonymous said...!

Amy Reedy said...

So BEAUTIFUL! you've captured the true essence of Labor and Birth! The feelings and memories your art provokes when I look into the faces of these birthing women...Amazing. Thank you

racheblue @ bAd said...

Bit teary eyed here too! Beautiful paintings both aesthetically and for the awesome, miraculous wonder they convey. Great work x

Anonymous said...

gewoon prachtig

steffi said...

Wow. Beautiful and authentic pictures!

Chays said...

They are so beautifull.
Would you paint one of mine. I gave birth at home and I really love to have a painting of me

Drea said...

I loved "Its a human thing" so beautiful!!

compulsivegrin said...

these are so wonderful. wish i had these artistic talents!

compulsivegrin said...

so beautiful <3 wish i had this talent. keep up the amazing work!

compulsivegrin said...

these are so wonderful. wish i had these artistic talents!

Tricia said...

I'm speechless, these are all so beautiful.

SannaKse said...

It is a great task youve completed here. The world needed this kind of art. Real, emotional and filled with natural child birth. Too many women think of hospitals, cesarion and epidural when thinking of childbirth. This is how you do it. IN water. Outdoors. With a midwife. Antyhing, as long as it is natural. You provided it. Wow!


Truly beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful work picturing the true sense of giving birth. Greetings from Ecuador.

Melinda Nichols said...

I can't stop looking at your incredible work. You are a gift to women, to the truth of the birthing process and definitely to me in this moment. As soon as your etsy site is back up I can't wait to purchase one of your beauties (the greeting cards look AWESOME!)

jutta wohlrab said...

Love your work . beautiful .
Do you do book covers as well ? How much are your paintings .
Would love to know more thank you
there is a few that really got my heart as midwife for more than 30 years .
I love it ! Jutta Wohlrab

Anonymous said...

Hospital births can be natural too. You can birth in many ways.

Debbie Barak said...

Wow. So beautiful

Mr. Kumar said...

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f4udhorn said...

Your paintings are so strong, its even tearing to look at them and that's a good thing. So proud to see a painting of yours that really is from great emotional empathy. As a professional artist, I just finished my first childbirth painting at 75 years old! Fantastic. If you want to add mine to your Birthing collection, you may.